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Get in touch with us to receive a tailor made proposal supporting hotels to reduce their water and energy consumptions or to create/manage programmes to save resources.

Most recent missions:

Energy and water efficiency improvement for hotel chain – Turkey – 2020-2021

Our mission consisted in identifying the different opportunities to improve Tasigo hotels resource efficiency. We have audited the energy and water consumptions as well as existing SOP to focus on short, mid and long term actions to implement.

BOOST Energy audits – France- Egypt - 2016

Starwood hotel chain had implemented a consultancy review of energy and water consumptions to reduce the use of these resources by implementing easy and inexpensive solutions. Two five star hotels in Paris and one resort in Egypt were audited with a team made of one Solutions Tourism staff and three engineers from Starwood.

Resorts audits in Malaysia - 2015-2016

Resource management is a struggle for many accommodations, we supported hotels in Langkawi, Borneo, Rawa and Tioman islands (Malaysia) to analyze their efficiency performances and to provide advice to reduce the resources consumptions.

Kuoni Water Champion – Thailand – 2014-2015

The goal of this consultancy was to support twenty-five hotels in Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui to reduce water consumption and to compete to finally reward the hotel that saved the biggest amount of water (20%). The consultancy was backed up by a Manual.

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