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Training for professionals – online only


We have developed a strategic training for environmental officers who are in charge of sustainability certification in hotels and need support.

Get ready for the audit (30+ hours) – ND+WL

I. Introduction to the different eco labels: getting certified, so what?

II Create and maintain your proper documentation system

III Customer participation-staff involvement

IV Supplier management – Purchasing

V Engineering

Each chapter is built the same way with a global introduction to the topic, solutions and tips to support the sustainability officer to handle the audit successfully.

Exercises are also designed to improve the understanding of each topic (ie: design your hotel green purchasing policy, analyze your hotel water consumptions,...).

This training is adapted for all kinds of international eco labels: Green Globe, Green Key, Travelife, Earthcheck…

Training for Universities



1. Sustainable Facilities Management – Bachelor - 30 hours (ND+WL)

During this lecture we introduce the different pieces of equipment and resources that are used in hotels for water management, HVAC, energy efficiency, waste and others and we explain why they are related to sustainability and how to improve their management.

2. Fundamentals of sustainable development – Bachelor – 15 to 30 hours (ND+WL)

This lecture aims to introduce sustainability in the tourism context and lets students gain a better understanding of this topic due to examples, best practices and exercises. This lecture is designed for hospitality or culinary students.


3. Green meetings – Eco festival – Master 1 – 15 hours (ND)

This training focuses on different ways to handle meetings and festivals following sustainability precepts. Students will learn how to create a green meeting offer and to use the latest available solutions to organize a sustainable festival.


Sustainability for culinary university – Bachelor - 35 hours (ND)

Students will be introduced to sustainability in the tourism industry and also trained to better understand the sustainability issues related to working in kitchens. The class is also visiting one hotel to get more details about sustainability management.


IUBH - International University of Applied Sciences - Germany

1. Sustainability management – Bachelor – 45 hours (ND+WL)

Students learn about the different environmental certifications available for hotels. Then they receive tools to become the officer in charge to prepare the hotel for the audit.


2. Get ready for the environmental audit – Bachelor – 16 hours (ND)

During this lecture students are learning about the different mandatory skills they need to comply with to handle the task of a sustainability audit. They review some of the main criteria and documentation requirements.


3. Animal Welfare in Tourism and Hospitality: The Case of Elephants – Bachelor – 6 hours (ND)

The seminar aims at introducing students to the concept of animal welfare in the tourism industry. From general knowledge about the animal welfare to a focus on elephant camps in South East Asia, the challenges they face and the real situation there.


                                                         CORNELL UNIVERSITY, NY, USA (WL)                                                                                        

Visiting Professor

School of Hotel Administration

Guest lectures in Sustainable Management, Sustainability in Hospitality; Sustainability and Facilities Management

CETT Barcelona School of Hospitality

Tourism and Gastronomy

University of Barcelona, Spain (WL)         


Visiting Lecturer

Delivered course: Master Degree, Strategic Management  & Sustainability in Hospitality



Denver, Colorado, USA (WL)  


Hospitality, Tourism and Events, Assistant Professor, Part-Time                                               

Developed and delivered online course: Hospitality Property Management

Thanks to our deep knowledge and up to date expertise in sustainability for the tourism sector we are proposing different trainings that are already attended by professionals and part of curricula in tourism/culinary universities around the world.

These trainings are delivered by Nicolas Dubrocard (ND) and Willy Legrand (WL)

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