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Founder and Director

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Nicolas Dubrocard is an international specialist in sustainability for hospitality. He started his career in France where he participated to different programmes to improve tourism in Armenia and train young professional from Israel and Morocco.


He moved to Morocco in 2007, created his own company and led programmes such as Every Drop Counts for The Travel Foundation or environmental audits in the oases for UNPD. He also supported hotels and ryads to aquire the Green Key eco label.


In 2011 he became the international Director of Green Key and moved to Copenhagen. After a few years in Denmark and providing support to the 41 countries involved in Green Key, he moved to Thailand to work with Kuoni and develop the Kuoni Water Champion Programme. Later he moved to Malaysia and worked for Wild Asia in Kuala Lumpur.

He is travelling between Europe and Asia, teaching at Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon and IUBH near Bonn in Germany. He is also auditing for Green Globe and Travelife eco labels.


Dr. Willy Legrand is Professor of Hospitality Management at the IUBH International University of Applied Sciences in Bad Honnef – Bonn. Over the past 15 years, he has established over two dozen of undergraduate and graduate courses on sustainable development in tourism and hospitality management in Germany but also as a visiting professor at universities in China, Singapore, Dubai, France, India, Peru and the United States.

Prof. Dr. Legrand is the lead author of Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Principles of Sustainable Operations, a leading textbook with a 4th edition planned for 2021. He is also the lead author of Social Entrepreneurship in Hospitality: Principles and Strategies for Change featuring best practices with industry cases.  He is also the Guest Chief Editor of the Hotel Yearbook Sustainable Hospitality 2018 and 2020 Special Editions. Prof. Dr. Legrand chairs the HospitalityNet World Panel on Sustainability in Hospitality.

He is a keen advocate to embed sustainability in general and the Sustainable Development Goals within the higher education curriculum.

Jerome Dubrocard is an international consultant in sustainability for the hospitality sector. He has been in charge of audits for Travelife for hotels and l'Etiquette Environnementale in more than twenty countries.

As a certified auditor, he is currently part of the auditors' team to assess hotels against Green Globe standards.

Nicolas Toitot is a specialist in thermal and ecological architecture and alternative ways to build houses. Based in Marrakesh he is in charge of Green Globe audits for Solutions Tourism in Africa.


​​Mei Zhang is a Chinese specialist in sustainable development management. She has already successfully implemented and managed several sustainability projects in the hospitality sector.

With an experience of more than four years in the field of Chinese market, she is currently part of the team to assist or conduct Green Globe audits in China.

Academic and Research Advisor

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Green Globe Auditors

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