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Sustainability Management System for hotels

This consultancy can be provided on site or through regular Video calls to fine tune the strategy and design the related documents and procedures.


We propose to have one weekly call to elaborate the Sustainability Management System. Depending on the focus of each individual meeting; Heads of Department may be invited to participate.

In order to ensure a proper activation of sustainability in your organization, one person should be designated as Sustainability Officer (or Manager, Champion, ...) with direct access to the company documents and Heads of Departments. This person will participate in all meetings and will also be in charge of maintaining the documentation system.


Our mission is to provide an expertise that could afterwards be used by the Sustainability Officer in order to develop the Sustainability Management System autonomously.


Once the process is achieved by following the indicative deadlines as set below, your hotel will be able to:

1. communicate about its sustainability commitment with strong evidences

2. apply for the most demanding hotel sustainability certification systems

3. compete for sustainability international awards

4. achieve a high level of differentiation in the current competitive market

Indicative consultancy details for four months' mission

Week 1 - First step into sustainability - Outcome: strategy content and roadmap

Week 2 - Fundamental document - Outcome: Sustainability Management Plan

Week 3 - Services overview - Outcome: summarize of essential documents + Green Team list

Week 4 - Annual report - Outcome: annual report (2019) draft

Week 5 - Sustainability library - Outcome: documents management system

Week 6 - Engineering 1 - Outcome: engineering action plan

Week 7- Engineering 2 - Outcome: engineering action plan

Week 8 - F&B - Outcome: F&B action plan

Week 9 - Human Resources- Outcome: HR strategy

Week 10 - Purchasing - Outcome: Green Purchasing Policy


Week 11- Guests commitment - Outcome: Guest commitment tools


Week 12 - Local communities - Outcome: CSR policy


Week 13 - Green Meetings - Outcome: green meeting offer

Week 14 - Greenhouse gas emissions - Outcome: Co2 strategy                                  


Week 15 - Other topics

Week 16 - Process appraisal

Outcome: Roadmap for the following months

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