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Elephant Camp consultancy


Since 2015, Nicolas Dubrocard has been involved in elephant camp management in South East Asia, to create a set of criteria : Asian Captive Elephant Standards.

Dr Ingrid Suter, Pitchakorn (Peter) Kulmapijit and Nicolas Dubrocard are now proposing tailor made services for elephant camps using their complementary knowledge regarding the topic.

Conservation and communication expert:

-Ingrid holds a Doctorate in elephant conservation, focusing on Lao captive elephants. She has spent years undertaking community-based conservation, including work for ElefantAsia (NGO specializing in  veterinarian support, conservation in Laos and implementation of ID for each elephant) and the International Union for Conservation Network (IUCN).  Ingrid has interviewed over 150 mahouts and maintains a strong interest in working with elephant owners to create best the outcomes for them, their families and their elephants. 

Articles in the press, webinars,….

Camp creation and management expert:

- Peter was born and raised into a family of elephant workers. This has given him a true insight and deep understanding of the Thai elephant community. His passion has always been to empower this community and to provide better elephant welfare. Peter encourages stakeholders like camp owners and elephant owners to see the importance camp criteria brings to their elephants, business and families.


Camps’ audit and documentation expert:

-Nicolas possesses 13 years’ experience in audit and document management, 5 years experience in elephant camp with extensive work in Indonesia, Laos, Thailand,

The service proposal is addressed to different future partners:

I. Elephant camp: online support

              1. how to implement a sustainable elephant camp (tailor made offer depending on the needs)

              2. documentation management

              3. staff management

              4. conservation


              5. activities


              6. Get ready for ACES certification 


II. Authorities (Ministries, Tourism Agencies, International Organizations)

              1. support to implement national captive elephant regulation


              2. staff training about captive elephant


              3. international conferences about captive elephant future


III Universities

              1. The elephant in the room : Animal welfare and tourism

              2. Mythbusters: all you always really wanted to know about captive elephant (riding, hooks, chains)

              3. Global brainwashing: social media and virtue signaling impact on elephant camp managerial


IV. Tour Operators: online training

1. Elephant welfare


2. How to create comprehensive assessment tools




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